Director of Research on the job

Haykaz Navasardyan

Official responsibilities. Coordinates and  responsible for extracurricular activities in the school, laboratory work, organization of subject Olympic clubs, implementation of approved programs. Coordinates school subject Olympiads. Takes measures to enrich and strengthen the educational material base of school cabinets and laboratories.

H. Navasardyan was born on 10th January, 1957 in Tsaghkashen,Aparan.

In 1964-1971 he studied at Tsaghkashen 8-year school. Then he continued his education at Physmath Boarding School after academician Ar. Shahinyan under the auspices of YSU, which he finished in 1974.
H.Navasardyan entered Mathematics’ Department of Mechmath Faculty at YSU the same year and graduated with Excellent Diploma in 1979.
In 1980-1983 Navasardyan passed post-graduate course at YSU.
Still student, he realized and showed his organizing abilities. He was the First Secretary of Young Communists’ League (YCL) of the faculty and a member of YCL and Trade Union of YSU.
H. Navasardyan has taken part in students’ constructing team activities for 5 times working as a Commissar and Commander.
In 1979-1988 Navasardyan worked at Physmath Faculty of YSU asa, Mathematician-programmer.
In 1983-1988 he worked at the same time at Physmath School under YSU as teacher of Mathematics Since 1988 he is a permanent worker of the school. In 1990-1993, as well as in 1997-2002, Navasardyan worked as Vice-principle and since 11th March he is the Headmaster of the school.
In 1997 Navasardyan founded the non-governmental public school “USUM” (education) In 1990 he received Title of Methodist-Teacher and in 1996 Qualification of Mathematics’ Research Teacher.
For organizing regional, republic and international Olympiads H. Navasardyan received Diplomas and 2 Letters of Thanks from the Minister of ES RA as well as from the Mayor of Yerevan IN 1993 and in 2003 his 5 graduates finished the school with Golden Medal and many of his students were winners of Municipal and Republic Olympiads in Mathematics.
H. Navasardyan has got a number of published articles, reports, a bulletin on mathematics and booklets:” Extra Material in Geometry” and “Interesting Tasks “. He has translated and published V. Parakhnevich’s book of tasks” Collection of Geometrical Sums”, adding the necessary theoretical material.
The above mentioned booklets, books of tasks are widely used both in our school and in schools with mathematical bias. Navasardyan is co author of present Math’s curriculum in the 4th and 5th grades.